Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tis the Season for…Stylitics!

     Tis’ the season for infinite amounts of shopping; whether a Polly Pocket playhouse for Jenny, or a cable-knit wool sweater for Granny, consumerism seems to rule the holiday season.  Betwixt all the hustle and bustle are work parties, charity benefits, school concerts, holiday parties and other important events that require participants to be dressed in their finest.  As our stomachs seem to expand from endless holiday feasts, so do our closets, with must have additions to complete our festive ensembles.  However keeping track of “holiday clothing inventory”, can be stressful during this hectic season.  This is where a virtual closet could come in handy.
     Consumers are in luck this season with the introduction of Stylitics, a website intended to assist users in creating an online closet.  It begins by allowing consumers to log in items from their real life wardrobe.  This feature not only helps users see when they wore each piece, but allows them to take note of which pieces have been utilized the most.  By creating documentation of consumers’ wardrobe habits, Stylitics better helps them keep inventory of the clothes they already own and make purchases that reflect what they historically tend to wear.  This aids users in creating a cohesive personal style based on their fashion choices.  The virtual closet has many other features such as suggested ways to pair your clothing and examples of trends around the nation.
    In any season, a site such as Stylitics would be a useful tool to keeping an organized closet.  However during the holidays especially, having a wardrobe at the tip of your fingers helps maximize outfit options and avoid outfit repetition.  Tis the season for options; Stylitics can help.