Saturday, March 31, 2012

Whether your high or low, this skirt style will put a spring in your step!

I have to say, I am loving the popularity of skirts this season.  From the romantic maxis skirts to the fierce band skirts, this season could easily be a pant-less one for me.  I am particularly obsessed with what people are calling "high low" skirts, that have a higher hem in the front and lower hem in the back.  This look has circulated before in less than desirable "spandex" fabrics (they came with the "gaucho" fashion craze), that gave it a "cheap" look.  However it has returned now in chiffons and stiffer (what looks like cotton/rayon) fabrics that give it an elegant and more regal look.  I have to say my favorite rendition of this look is when it is pleated; it has a greek goddess look that is an alluring yet classy look for spring/summer.  Check out some of the looks that caught my eye! Enjoy! -M
This is the basic "high low" skirt with a subtle difference in front to back hem length.  

This is a slightly more formal and dramatic take on this skirt type.  The draping is what MAKES the skirt of this dress work.  It has the right amount of fullness without becoming a gown.  Without the excess fabric and gathering at the waist, the contrast from front to back would seem too stark.  The fullness in the skirt creates flounces that give the dress a romantic and expensive feel.

My two girlfriends rocking this fabulous look during Spring Break in Los Angeles. Love the pleats on the blue chiffon skirt and love the bohemian design on the patterned skirt.  Great choice ladies!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Robin Hood: Men in...Mantyhose?

I was listening to my favorite radio station the other day and came across the oddest idea in male fashion: male pantyhose.  The radio DJ talked about how tights were gaining popularity in Europe for men.  I'm talking Renaissance, "Romeo and Juliet" status.  They refer to them as "Mantyhose", a clever twist on the traditional "pantyhose" for women.  Honestly, I am open to new concepts in fashion for both genders, however this in my book is going a little far.  What do you think?
*I attached a link to an article with more "information" on this new trend! Check it out.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

All Maxed Out

I have always loved the romantic look of the spring maxi dress. On my latest shopping endeavor, I found that I was attracted to the sister item of the maxi dress, the Maxi skirt.  This item is gaining popularity as we are slowly entering into the spring months.  I've seen it in many stores this season, but will this items make it off the racks? Or is the Maxi style "maxed out". Regardless, I bought one and plan to wear it on my trip to Vancouver B.C. this spring.  Check out some examples of this romantic and classy skirt style!

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