Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Color of the Year: A Tango with Tangerine

We've seen it everywhere; Nail polishes, blouses, dresses, accessories, shoes, pants, even make-up.  Known as "Tangerine Tango", this pigment has brightened up this Spring 2012's color palette. I personally have never been an "orange" fan, however this color has definitely changed my anti-orange feelings.  With more  pink undertones, "Tangerine Tango" has a warmth that most oranges lack.  I have yet to find a person who looks bad in this coral color.  Whether used as an accent color or a primary color, this orange is a flexible pigment guaranteed to make it into your closet. Check out some of my favorite "Tangerine Tango" options!
Love the toned down nail polish shades!
Tangerine Chairs add a pop of color to any room! We will see a lot of this color as an accent in modern homes.
Love the vibrant color combined with the classic cut of this dress!
Make-up will also see a pop of warm tangerines!
Love this soft look with the coral cheeks and pale orange lip; a perfect sun-kissed look for summer!
Tangerine attacks Interiors as well!
My a capella group even incorporated this statement color into our performing outfits this year. Such a great pop of color to any neutral!
I love a pop of tangerine with cream neutrals and light aquas. Another great way to wear pants in summer!
The (official) Color!

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