Friday, February 3, 2012

Five Minute Fashion Fix

Ever have those mornings where you wake up 5 minutes before you have to be out the door? You scramble, heart racing, as you throw on whatever scraps of clothing you can find littering the floor of your room.  As you take one look in the mirror, all you can think is "ugh, today is gonna be a bad day".  It doesn't have to be though! There is light at the end of this fashionably unfortunate tunnel and it is called the "power outfit".  Call it cheesy as you may, but I have four go-to outfits that I have prepared in case of a time crunch fashion emergency.

1) The Jeans, Scarf, T-shirt, Blazer/jacket combo: This look is quick, chic, and effortless (looking).  Take a colored or white V-neck tshirt, layer on a scarf and blazer, squeeze into your favorite jeggings, and head out the door.  I'd also suggest investing in a spin pin from Goody; it is a single bobby pin that works the magic of many.  This way, you can pop up sleepy hair into a loose bun.

2) The Ever Versatile Band Skirt: This flexible skirt is the new skinny jean. Dress it up with a loose  lace blouse or wear it casually with a loose fitted cotton sweater. Add a long hanging pendant and some killer detailed tights and bam--fabulous in 5 minutes.

3) The Killer Blouse: An eye catching blouse can no question make an outfit.  This sheer blouse could easily go over a pair of skinny jeans and casual boots to create an effortless five minute look.  Look for a blouse that has some sort of detailing that is unique and eye catching; that way accessorizing can be minimal.  I personally have a mauve colored long button up blouse that is sheer in the front, and rayon in the back.  The mix of fabrics makes the shirt texturally intriguing, while the gather in the back adds a little drama.  I layer it over a cream cami, skinny jeans, and healed boots and am dressed in 1 minute tops.

4) Last but not least, The Go-To Dress.  Add to your wardrobe a fun dress with detailing that needs little to no accessorizing. Zooey's dress above has the adorable bow accents that require no further decoration.  Pair it with a plain headband to create a cute look no one can resist.

The key to looking presentable on "quick" days is all about having go-to "power outfits" in the back of your mind.  No, you don't have to have every item of your closet memorized; but have 2-3 outfits ready that you know look good.  How I keep track of my "power outfits"?  Some people just have an outfit in the closet waiting for them come "uh-oh I'm late" days.  Whatever your method, remember that "waking up late" is no excuse for wearing what you woke up in out in public.  Style on friends!

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