Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar Fashion Watch: Who Wins on the Red Carpet

There are two reasons that people choose to watch the Oscars: 1) if there is a good host 2) for the fashion.  Every year, people come dressed in their best (or what they think is there best) hoping they won't end up on the worst dressed list.  Unfortunately this year more people ended up on my worst dressed list than best dressed list.  Oscars 2012 fashion in a recap was whites, metallics, and neutrals.  I could count on one hand the amount of people that chose to incorporate color in their wardrobe. Seriously, you would think celebrities in attendance were allergic to color.  Along with the bland color palette, many actresses chose poor silhouettes for their body types.  There are plenty of flattering styles out there to hide or accentuate certain assets, why not utilize them to your advantage versus disadvantage.  Below, I did a general recap of Hollywood's infamous night for fashion.

Octavia Spencer definitely wins the White Dress look for me. She chose the most flattering cut for her body and the warm in her white compliments her skin tone.  Rooney Mara's dress would be attractive were it not for the sagging folds of fabric covering the bust--not flattering.  Mila Jovovich and Gwyneth Paltrow look okay, but the whites they chose are rather stark for their complexions.  I honestly have no idea what Shailene Woodley was thinking; her dress looks like a foam Princess Leia dress with cookie cutter cutouts.  The dress does her youthful shape no justice!

George Clooney's main squeeze, Stacy Keibler, seemed to think wearing a gown in the color scheme of an Oscar would increase chances for her beaus to win. Alas, all it did was wash her out and make what would be a pretty dress, look costume-like.  Anna Farris wears a long sleeved sequined, shimmery gown that unfortunately looks more like a fitted trash bag.  Thank goodness for Meryl Streep's classy golden gown, or metallic would have struck out this year.

Netural Colors were a popular choice for the red carpet with Kristen Wiig, Maria Menounos, Maya Rudolph and several others.  I am personally not a fan of neutrals because I feel they are a "safe" choice, but Maria Menounos and Cameron Diaz were able to make it interesting with their silhouette choices.

One of my favorite looks of the night came from Giuliana Rancic in a 30s inspired gown. The silhouette suited her and the embellishment was just enough for an event such as the Oscars.  I also enjoyed Emma Stones red neck tie dress. It was modest yet flirty and modern. 

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